Motivating and Engaging NIH Employees

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Supervisors have far more power to motivate and engage employees than they may believe. While the most lasting motivation comes from within, supervisors can create an environment in which people step into motivation and choose to maximize their engagement. Leaders do have the ability to motivate and inspire others to do great things. Individual leaders have the greatest impact on areas in their immediate working environments. When these leaders are successful in their smaller spheres, there is - by extension - a positive influence on the larger organization's results.

Far more than an academic exploration of motivation, the workshop will provide a set of practical tools and models that leaders can immediately apply in the workplace. The session will give leaders new insights to create and sustain the environment that fosters the self-motivation and engagement necessary for team and organizational success.

Key Topics

•Understand their role as leaders in providing vision, visibility and momentum to create a self-motivating culture that leads to employee engagement.
•Use the four key elements of effective recognition to motivate, inspire, and engage.
•Gain insight into how recognition serves to create a workplace environment that increases morale and productivity.
•Create opportunities for employee growth through the use of a practical, applicable empowerment model.
•Create action plans for improving engagement and job satisfaction.

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