Microsoft PowerPoint 1

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PowerPoint Live Online Webinar Level 1 will help you be clear, organized and engaging during presentations, allowing you to grab and maintain an audience?s focus. This class will teach you how to use the vast array of features and functionality contained within PowerPoint for high-impact visuals and engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations.

Key Topics
  • Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
  • Develop a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Perform Advanced Text Editing Operations
  • Format Characters, Paragraphs, and Text Boxes
  • Adding Graphical Elements to Your Presentation
  • Modifying Objects in Your Presentation
  • Adding Tables to Your Presentation
  • Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications
  • Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel
  • Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation
  • Apply Transitions

Online Course Requirements:

You need two screens; one for exercises, one for virtual classroom. You need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. Complete an online orientation prior to class (orientation instructions are emailed after registration approval). You should have basic computer knowledge. Registration will close two weeks prior to the start date to allow for online orientation completion.

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