Microsoft Excel Level 4

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The Microsoft Office Excel Level 4 course is designed for advanced Microsoft Office Excel professionals who may work or be interested in the domain of finance, statistics, project analysis, and market analysis including the fields of micro- and macro-economics. Upon course completion you will be able to manipulate data using statistical and lookup functions, analyze data using the data analysis tools, make investment decisions using the financial functions, examine data using math functions, manipulate data using text and information functions, create templates and work with Excel's advanced chart options, and manage data in Excel workbooks.

Key Topics
  • Manipulating Data Using Statistical and Lookup Functions
  • Analyzing Data Using Data Analysis Tools
  • Working with Data Using Financial Functions
  • Examining Data Using Math Functions
  • Manipulating Data Using Text and Information Functions
  • Working with Data Templates and Charts

Online Course Requirements: Ensure Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer. You should have basic computer knowledge.

We also offer Excel Level 1 , Excel Level 2 and Excel Level 3

Please note: Two monitors are optimal for virtual classes. If you only have one monitor, consider splitting your monitor screen during instruction; How To Split Screen in Windows.

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