Introduction to NIH Property Management (NBS)

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During this 3-day training program, you will acquire a working knowledge of NIH personal property management policies, procedures and automated record-keeping techniques. Students will complete instructor-led and independent computer based simulation exercises that will teach you how to use the NIH Property Management System for the day-to-day management of NIH personal property. * * NOTE* * For NBS access as a PCO or ICPAO, course participants must meet all training requirements as defined by OALM/DLS/PMB, including this course. For additional information on all training requirements, please go to: . Please see the NBS Personal Property Community page for instructions on completing a User Access request form.

Key Topics
  • Legal and regulatory requirements and responsibilities for personal property management
  • Learn the objectives of personal property management
  • Identify management responsibilities and areas of personal liability
  • Maintain property accountability records using the Sunflower System
  • Typical Property Custodial Officer (PCO) and Property Accountability Officer property transactions
  • NIH policies and procedures for removing NIH property from NIH premises, including property passes and loans
  • Determine when and how to prepare various property management documents
  • Property utilization and disposal procedures
  • Learn how financial responsibility for lost or stolen property is determined at the NIH
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