Hands-On Data Visualization Workshop

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Crystal clear charts and graphs are valuable - they save an audience's mental energy, keep a reader engaged, and help to persuade your audience. In this workshop, you will learn the undeniable science behind why we need to present data effectively. You will walk through Dr. Evergreen's "Four Step Visualization Process" to structure your visualization efforts.

After this hands-on workshop, you'll be better able to visualize your data using simple strategies in MS Excel. New skills learned can be immediately implemented on-the-job to clarify your data presentations and support clearer decision-making.

Key Topics
  • Visual processing theory and why it’s relevant.
  • Graphic design best practices and visual processing theory and chart selection and identification.
  • Constructing data visualizations and other communication methods to best tell the story and identifying alternative methods for reporting, including dashboards and handouts.

The target audience for this course is all NIH employees.

Please Note: This is an intermediate/advanced class. If you are new to MS Excel, please consider the following courses:

Microsoft Excel 365 Level 1 - NIHTC7005


Microsoft Excel 365 Level 2 - NIHTC7006

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