Fellowship Payment System

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Learn how to use the NIH Business System (NBS) Fellowship Payment System (FPS) to document, create, manage, and pay fellowship awards for non-FTE personnel. Attendees will receive instruction on basic navigation within NBS as well as detailed instruction, demonstrations, and student activities pertaining to the key topics listed below.

Please Note: Training does not incorporate a live simulation environment.

Key Topics
  • Perform maintenance on Fellow Records within NBS FPS.
  • Manage Automated Clearing House (ACH) requests within NBS FPS.
  • Gain understanding of the fellowship award process, submissions, changes, and additional paperwork requirements.
  • Learn to manage Workflow Notifications within NBS FPS.
  • Identify subsequent actions on fellowship awards including transfers, renewals, and award termination.
  • Monthly certification process for payment.

Administrative officers, administrative support staff, and users of the Fellowship Payment system.

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