External Requisitioner (NBS)

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Participants in this course will be introduced to creating NBS requisitions for goods & services from vendors. Students will complete instructor-led and independent computer based simulation exercises to create external NBS requisitions. Each student will receive a reference guide for use in the workplace.

Recommended Pre-Requisite:
A pre-requisite course, Introduction to the NIH Business System (Course # NIHNBSLMS2074) providing an overview of the NBS Organization and the NBS Community Portal, is recommended prior to this course. It is available in the LMS.

Key Topics
  • Create an External Requisition.
  • Route requisitions for approval.
  • View requisitions and notifications.
  • Copy requisitions.
  • Cancel line items or an entire requisition.
  • Identify receiving requirements and enter NBS receiving information.
  • Use iSupplier to identify vendor payment information.

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The NIH Acquisitions Community

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