CON 170: Fundamentals of Cost & Price Analysis

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Course Number

This rigorous two week course provides foundational knowledge of contract cost and price analysis designed for GS-1102 Contract Specialists or may be used as an elective course for CORs and PPMs. Specifically, the course provides training in the application of quantitative tools to accomplish cost and price analysis with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Contract Pricing Reference Guide. Although not mandatory, the following courses are highly recommended prior to enrolling: CON 127, CLC057, CLC058, FAC023 and FAC031. Please note that CLC057, CLC058, FAC023 and FAC031 are not taught at the NIH Training Center but are available online through the Defense Acquisition University.

Key Topics
  • Overview of Quantitative Methods
  • Developing an Estimate of Risk
  • Net Present Value
  • OMB Circular A-94 Requirements
  • Using a Simple Regression Equation
  • Contract-Type Considerations
  • Cost-Volume and Price-Volume Relationship
  • Cost and Pricing Data
  • Cost Accounting Standards