CON 124: Contract Execution

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This course focuses on executing the acquisition plan through the solicitation phase to include making the source selection decision and awarding a contract. Students will gain knowledge necessary to execute an acquisition that optimizes customer mission performance. They will learn techniques and benefits of early industry involvement in shaping requirements, basic procedures for acquisition of both commercial and non-commercial requirements, effective analysis of market data and determination of when a price is fair and reasonable and negotiation strategies. Students will learn how to conduct basic competitive acquisitions, process awards, provide debriefings and handle protests before and after contract award.

This class is geared towards students in the process of earning a FAC-C Level 1 certification, however CORs and other acquisition personnel may take this class for elective credit.

Please address all certification-related questions to:

Key Topics
  • Acquisition planning to include solicitation and source selection
  • Analysis of market research data
  • Determination of fair and reasonable pricing
  • Contractor debriefings
  • Guidance on handling protests
  • Negotiation strategies and techniques


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