Building Resilience and Managing Stress for Leaders

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As organizational expectations and workloads increase, so too does our stress. Many of us believe working harder and longer is the only answer. This leads to chronic stress and high rates of burn-out, and results in many of us routinely sacrificing our downtime and neglecting our self-care. In this course, you will learn about self-care as a matter of focus, choice and self-preservation. You will be introduced to the concepts of “essentialism” and the “disciplined pursuit of less” -- ideas you can bring back to your teams, so that together you may fight the effects of workplace stress and support one another in finding room for your highest priorities, most vital contributions and -- more joy.

Key Topics
  • Building cognitive flexibility and personal agency and creating a personal self-care and resiliency plan.
  • Dealing with setbacks at work and bouncing back.
  • Managing energy, not time, as the currency of high effectiveness, with a focus on wellbeing and healthy striving to help you flourish.


The target audience for this course is team leaders, supervisors and managers.

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