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We’ve Moved!

The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) has moved the Rockledge facility to 11601 Landsdown Street in North Bethesda. We’re excited about our new home, which is adjacent to the White Flint Metro Station! Having our facility in a well-connected area of North Bethesda means you can enjoy a top-quality training class and a wide range of walkable lunch options. Our newly designed training space will also feature the latest in audio-visual technology to enhance your learning experience -- whether you are an on-site or remote learner. You’ll be able to reach us by shuttle, metro, and car. Note - the NIHTC second location on campus in Natcher (Building 45) remains unchanged.

Our latest updates on the new NIHTC at White Flint are here. We will offer FAQs based on what YOU, our customers, would like to know. If you have any questions,  please submit them to: Rest assured if you are taking a class with us around this transition, you’ll receive ample guidance on where to go and how to get there -- as usual.

Q4 FY19 Highlights Is Here!

Our latest Highlights newsletter has arrived. Click here to read articles featuring the latest information on the NIHTC Headquarters move to White Flint, available Soft Skills September classes, what’s new on the NIHTC website, and much more.

Get Ready for Soft Skill September

Before the fiscal year ends, refresh your skills and maybe even pick up a few new ones. The NIH Training Center is offering “soft skills” classes in September such as Managing Change at NIH, Building Effective Teams and Writing Skills for NIH Employees. Demonstrating effective interpersonal skills can make a positive difference in how you lead others, manage relationships with colleagues, and handle challenging situations.

Invest in your success and in your team’s success. Click on the course titles in the table below for class details and to register. For additional information on Training Center classes, programs and services, visit

Great News! Several classes are conducted at our new headquarters location at White Flint.

Course Date Location
Present Like a Pro: Small Group Presentation Coaching 9/4 Natcher – Room NT1
Success Strategies for Introverted Leaders 9/9 Natcher – Room NT1
Effective Writing Refresher Workshop 9/9 White Flint - Room WF1
Managing Change at NIH 9/10 Natcher - Room NT1
Managing Effective Meetings 9/11 Natcher - Room NT1
Managing Up, Down and Across 9/11 Natcher - Room NT1
StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Discover What You Do Best 9/16 White Flint - Room WF1
Managing Challenging Email 9/18 Natcher - Room NT1
Writing Skills for NIH Employees 9/23 Natcher - Room NT1
Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors 9/24 Natcher - Room NT1
Customer Service at NIH 9/25 Natcher - Room NT1
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making 9/25 White Flint - Room WF1
Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations 9/26 White Flint - Room WF1
Myers Briggs Training 9/26 Natcher - Room NT1

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