NIH Training Center Sneak Peek

Here are the FY23Q1 classes. Check back in October to register for these classes. 


Acquisitions Management

Administrative Systems & Policy
Purchase Card Training (NBS) 11/1/22 Domestic Travel (CGE) 11/2/22
Basic COR Essentials I 11/3/22 Basic ITAS for Timekeepers 11/14/22
Federal Appropriations Law Refresher 11/4/22 Sponsored Travel (CGE) 11/16/22
Federal Appropriations Law 11/7/22 Fellowship Payment System 11/17/22
External Requisitioner (NBS) 11/8/22 Foreign Travel (CGE) 11/29/22
COR Refresher 11/9/22 Budget and Data Skills
Basic COR Essentials II 11/14/22 Introduction to the NIH Budget Process 11/16/22
Intro to Project Management 11/16/22 LMS Administrator Training
COR Refresher 11/29/22 LMS Local Learning Registrar 11/14/22
Contract Closeouts 11/30/22 Retirement Preparedness
Combined FERS-CSRS 11/28/22
Supervisory Development
Supervisory Essentials 11/3/22


Acquisitions Management

Administrative Systems & Policy
Basic COR Essentials I 12/5/22 EHCM System Training (Former Cap HR) 12/6/22
Purchase Card Training (NBS) 12/5/22 Domestic Travel (CGE) 12/6/22
Basic Simplified Acquisition 12/5/22 Basic ITAS for Timekeepers 12/12/22
Federal Appropriations Law 12/6/22 Domestic Travel Refresher (CGE) 12/14/22
Federal Appropriations Law Refresher 12/8/22 Foreign/Sponsored Travel Refresher (CGE) 12/15/22
Fundamentals of Leading Projects & Teams FPM 134 12/8/22 Budget and Data Skills
Advanced COR Refresher 12/9/22 Data Analysis Essentials 12/5/22
Basic COR Essentials II 12/12/22 LMS Administrator Training
Writing Statements of Work 12/12/22 LMS Learning Administrator 12/12/22
Intro to Project Management 12/14/22 Retirement Preparedness
Source Selection for CORs 12/14/22 Retirement Refresher Workshop 12/15/22
External Requisitioner (NBS) 12/15/22 Supervisory Development
Supervisory Essentials 12/5/22
Super Short: Performance Conduct Management 12/8/22
Super Short: Effective Feedback 12/8/22


In this segment of OHR @ Home, staff from the NIH Training Center in the Workforce Support and Development Division share how they’ve moved to a completely virtual NIH Training Center as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 4th OHR@Home video -

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Registration Process

Hands typing on a laptop. Register screen open on laptop.

The NIH Training Center updated the class registration process. Just after you click the “Register” button, a message will display saying there are no seats available for this class. Ignore that and click on the “Yes, Continue Registration“ button when prompted. ALL registrations go straight to the waitlist until your registration is approved by your manager and final approver. Once approved and a seat is available on the roster, you will receive a confirmation email with an Outlook calendar invite.

Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on the new registration process. 

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