Premium Pay Entitlement Tool

Welcome to the Premium Pay Entitlement Tool (P-PET)

This is a tool that will help you determine your eligibility for premium pay at NIH. Premium pay is additional pay for employees who work hours beyond their usual tour of duty or during specified time periods, such as at night, on weekends or on holidays. Depending on your pay system and occupation, your entitlement to premium pay and your premium pay system may differ.

Before you get started, it is recommended that you retrieve your last Standard Form-50 (SF-50) from your HR records in your electronic official personnel file in the eOPF system. Once you have your last SF-50, please answer the questions that will advise you regarding your eligibility to earn premium pay. The tool will also provide detailed examples and information regarding the various premium pay calculations.

Please note, this tool is for NIH use only. The pay information provided does not apply to non-NIH employees. Please refer to your organization for pay information.