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USA Performance (USAP) is an automated, web-based tool that assists in the implementation of their Senior Executive Service performance management programs. It provides stream-lined, easily accessible, on-line performance plans. USAP allows Executives and Rating Officials to develop performance plans, provide feedback and ratings, and electronically sign performance plans. 

USA Performance Roles
Role Definition
Executive Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior-Level T-42 Executives (or their proxies) may create and edit their own plans. They must sign their own plan at each stage of the performance management cycle.
Proxy Individual assigned by the SES or Senior-Level T-42 executive or Rating Official. Proxies can perform all the duties of the user to which they are assigned except they cannot remove signatures or sign the plan on behalf of an Executive or Rating Official.
Rating Official The individual to whom the SES or Senior-Level T-42 Executive reports. They approve and sign the establishment of performance plans for their subordinate executives, provide feedback in progress reviews, and prepare end-of-year ratings.

Accessing USAP

USA Performance currently works with Internet Explorer version 10 and above and Google Chrome version 39 and above.

  1. Navigate to the USA Performance login page
  2. Type in your username and initial password
  3. Select the "Sign In" button
  4. Change your password at the prompt
  5. Read and accept the Rules of Behavior, then continue to the Welcome page
  6. You're then directed to the Home/Dashboard page

You may also use your PIV card to log in to USAP once initial login procedures are completed.

Forgot your password?

Users may request a new password through the “Forgot Password” link on the log in page; new passwords are sent within 15 minutes of the request. Please note a password reset can only be done once in a 24-hour period. Users should double check their spam/junk folder for the password reset email.

Please note

  • Your user name is your email address.
  • Proxies cannot sign a plan on behalf of a Rating Official or Executive.
  • The Rating Official must sign prior to the Executive. The executive will then receive an automated email from USAP to sign their plan.
  • Once a plan is signed, it cannot be edited without the Executive or USAP Administrator first removing all signatures.  It may then be edited and will need to be re-signed from the establishment phase on.
  • If a signature is removed, the removing party must notify the other party as USAP doesn’t alert of signature removal.
  • An Executive has the option to add supporting documentation to their plan.
  • Rating Officials have the option to add notes to an executive’s plan. If a note is added, the Rating Official must check the Release this note to the Executive box if they wish for the executive to be able to read it (optional).
  • You may print your performance plan, as needed. 
  • A Rating Official must submit a Summary Narrative for their Executive(s) and rate his/her performance on every critical element.
  • Due to system timeouts, you may want to draft narratives in a Word document and then copy/paste into the USAP plan. Typing text does not prevent USAP from timing out, be sure to save your work often. If you draft your narrative in Word, it is recommended to save your document as a plain text file (.txt) before copying and pasting.
  • Click Enable Edit and Re-release to make changes to a released SelfAccomplishment Narrative. If selected, the Rating Official will no longer be able to view your narrative. Once changes are complete, select the Send to Rating Official checkbox to re-release.
  • Proxies cannot release the Executive Accomplishment Narrative on behalf of the Executive to the Rating Official. The Executive must release their Accomplishment Narrative to the Rating Official.
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