Appraisal Plan Character Limitations

We're providing the character limitations for each text field within the HHS template of the USA Performance tool.  While the system doesn't limit the numbers of characters for each box, it's important to adhere to these limits to ensure uniformity across the Department and succinct explanation of requirements and accomplishments for review by the Performance Review Board and Departmental leadership.  When OPM provides a system release that limits the characters per field, HHS will use that functionality.

Appraisal Plan Character Limits
Section Character Limit
Agency-Specific Performance Requirements
Critical Elements 1-4
Rating Official Narrative
Critical Elements 1-4
Results Driven
Sub Elements 1-5
Results Driven Rating Official Narrative 3500
Summary Rating Narrative 15,000 (~2 pages)
Executives Accomplishment Narrative 15,000 (~2 pages)

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