The Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Tool for Human Resources (SMARTHR) increases efficiency in the use of NIH resources by automating specialized reporting tasks and bridging reporting gaps across multiple HR and non-HR systems to promote a more complete assessment of the organization and human capital topics. Modules include Dashboards, Survey Reports, Data-Calls, and Workforce Planning. 

Available modules

  • Awards Dashboard: Generates awards spending limits and combines that with actual awards transactions data that enables program areas to effectively monitor spending.
  • Exit Survey Report: Compiles Exit survey feedback with workforce transaction information to provide an insight into the opinions of separating employees.
  • Action Planning: (Extension of Exit Survey) Enables users of the Exit Survey to formulate and monitor strategies to increase retention.
  • HR Systems Survey Report: Enables HR SAID staff to access customer feedback respective to their systems based on from HR systems support activity.
  • PMAP Data Call: Enables IC staff with the ability to capture, certify, and submit PMAP ratings and awards securely and efficiently to HR.
    • Note: The PMAP Data Call has a new home! Please visit the new Performance Awards Reporting System (PARS) at
      • Looking for historical PMAP Awards records and reports? You can find your IC’s PMAP data by using the filters in SMARTHR. 
  • 3Rs Module: Provides a mechanism for OHR and ICs to manage and distribute monies and monitor obligations and expenses associated with Recruitment, Relocation and Retention (3Rs) incentives.
  • Workforce Analytics: Facilitates strategic planning by providing a mechanism to identify NIH workforce demographics, trends, and projections.
  • Career Tracking: Provides OHR with a mechanism for tracking demographic and career/position history related to students of leadership programs at OHR.
  • Position Management Dashboard: Provides reporting on the status of Data Cleanup Activity related to the Reports To data field. It also performs quality review prior to closing out the record.

Obtaining access

Access to SMARTHR is managed by HR Systems Support Helpdesk. Executive Officer authorization is required for most access requests. For questions, access requests, and technical difficulties, please submit a support ticket.

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