Process Optimization Program (POP)


The Process Optimization Program (POP), is an OHR initiative that cares about your experience and partners with you to empower optimized processes with analytics, technology, and HR expertise to create easy, efficient and effective results.

The POP aims to:

  • Improve consistency, quality and timeliness of HR activities
  • Address major organizational risks
  • Optimize HR business processes to make your work easier and more efficient
  • Apply technology and data-driven analysis to improve processes
  • Empower partners across NIH

POP: Awards

The first iteration of POP Awards launched in 2020, which optimized the non-ratings-based awards process for NIH.  Please check out the video on this page or any of the information below to learn more.

New in 2021

On May 14th, 2021, we launched enhancements based on feedback collected from ICs to further optimize the awards process and improving the digital customer experience. 

What is new in POP this year?

These enhancements include:

  • Allowing IC’s to include SES and/or Senior Title 42 employees in group awards
  • Increasing the character limit of the justification field to 5,000
  • Allowing IC’s to submit the justification as an attachment instead of entering into the justification box
  • Increasing the character limit of the group name field to 100
  • Allowing the IC’s to determine who should receive email communications within their program area on the status of each award action

More POP: Awards Information

The New Awards Web Form Demo

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