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Access Management System (AMS) new look and feel

October 31, 2018  |  David Barnhart

The HHS Access Management System (AMS) is upgrading to a new look and feel on November 19th, 2018. AMS allows users to login to Capital HR (EHRP), the Learning Management System (LMS), the electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF), myPay (DFAS), and USA Staffing all from one location. The new AMS login screen will display each login on a separate tab versus all on one screen, making it much easier to see what’s available. 

Please Note: NIH users only have access to two options. You may login to AMS using the “HSPD-12 Access Card” tab which allows you to login using your NIH issued PIV card, or the “Network Credentials” tab which allows you to login using your NIH network username and password. The “AMS Credentials” tab in not available for NIH users.

New AMS look

AMS new look

Old AMS look

AMS old look

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