eOPF First Time Login

Login to eOPF through AMS (Access Management System)

  1. Go to the AMS website
  2. You can login to AMS using the following methods:
    • Use your NIH issued badged or HSPD-12 Access Card and Pin
    • Your NIH Network Credentials (username and password)
      eOPF AMS login screen
  3. Upon successful login to the AMS:
  4. Click on “Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)”
    eOPF AMS login secondary screen
  5. You will be directed to the “eOPF eAuth Controller” page.
    eOPF AMS eAuth controller page
  6. Select the arrow next to “Dept. of Health and Human Services”
  7. Click “Accept” on the Disclaimer Page
    eOPF AMS accept button
  8. A new window will appear with a registration form.
  9. You will be required to perform a one-registration with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), POID, and Org Code.
  10. Your NIH POID is: 1816
eOPF Registration Screen

11. Next you will need to find your Org Code by:
a) Going to

b) Type in your last name and first name (optional)

c) Click “Find” 

d) Select your name

NED name search
  • Your ORG Code is the “HN Code” listed in the parenthesis under “Organization”
    • NOTE the NIH Org Codes start with HE38 so on the registration screen make sure you type in HE38 plus your HN code, example: HE38HNK65
      NED screenshot

12. Click "Register"
13. Click "Continue with registration" on the confirmation page 

eOPF screenshot

14. Read and "The Rules of Behavior" and click "Accept"
15. You will now be taken to the "eOPF" homepage where you will need to complete six different security questions with six different answers

eopf security questions screenshot

16. To view your eOPF documents click on "My eOPF"

My eOPF screenshot


Please visit the eOPF Webpage for more information: https://hr.nih.gov/hr-systems/eopf

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