Capital HR


Capital HR (EHRP) is a PeopleSoft based Human Resource (HR) information system used throughout the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to process personnel actions and administer benefits.

Account information

Accounts automatically lock if you have not logged in within the last 60 days and are deleted if you have not logged in within 180 days.

If you need access to Capital HR (EHRP), visit the request system access page for more information. If you're unsure what roles to select when completing the HR Systems Access ticket, see EHRP CORE Roles for additional guidance.

If your account is locked or deleted, submit a support ticket.


Hundreds of reports (also known as “queries”) are available in Capital HR.
For reports with Personally Identifiable Information (PII):
  • If you save it, save it to a secure network drive
  • If you print it, maintain proper custody of it at all times
  • If you email it, use the Secure Email File Transfer Service or use the encryption feature in Outlook.


System outages

  • Every night: 10:00pm - 5:30am
  • End of each Pay Period: Friday 5:00pm - Monday 5:30am

HR request forms:

Understanding Capital HR Reports