Continuous Learning and Self-Development

Proactively investigates new perspectives, approaches, and behaviors, and takes steps to evaluate and improve performance.

Key Behaviors:

  • Sets concrete goals for own work activities and behavior in order to achieve desired work outcomes and meet or exceed expectations
  • Applies new technical and business information/knowledge to practical use on the job.
  • Seeks feedback from others and uses other sources of information (e.g., professional organizations, publications) to identify appropriate areas for learning.
  • Shows interest and pursues appropriate learning activities that fulfill self-development/learning needs.
  • Displays an open, curious, non-judgmental approach regarding differences of opinion
  • Remains respectful in communications and approach where disagreement exists
  • Demonstrates self-reflection and solicits feedback from others regarding performance
  • Identifies individual challenges and seeks opportunities to grow

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.