COVID-19 Emergency Paid Leave

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Guidance coming soon.


Section 4001 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 established a new category of Emergency Paid Leave (EPL) based on specific COVID-19-related qualifying circumstances. It covers: 

  • Up to 600 hours of paid leave or $2800 bi-weekly for specific circumstances related to COVID-19
  • Qualifying leave taken during the period from March 11, 2021 through September 30, 2021

Use this tool to determine your eligibility and pay entitlements under EPL. It applies to current and retroactive benefits.


  1. Get a copy of your latest:
    • Standard Form-50 (SF-50) in eOPF
    • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) in myPay. If not available, find your hourly rate on the Salaries & Wages page.
  2. Answer the questions on the form
  3. You will get a summary of your potential eligibility and pay entitlements

Important information

  • Tool is for NIH use only
  • Results are an estimate of your entitlements

Availability of funds: EPL is subject to availability of funds. In other words, it is granted on a conditional basis. If no funds are available, you will need to request other paid time off and/or provide monetary reimbursement to the agency.

Impact on retirement: EPL will reduce total service used to calculate retirement benefits. Discuss implications with your Benefits Specialist.


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