Office of the Director (OD)

Director: Julie Broussard Berko

Deputy Director: Beth I. Chandler Esq.

Areas of Responsibility:

The Office of the Director, OHR, provides the following services:

  1. Advises the NIH Director and staff, as well as Institute/Center (IC) management, on matters pertaining to HR management,
  2. Plans, conducts, and coordinates strategic planning and risk assessment/management for OHR, and
  3. Provides leadership and coordination for OHR administrative functions.


There are two offices in the Office of the Director:

  1. Immediate Office of the Director (IMOD)
    • Branch Chief: Kelly Peralta
    • IMOD is collaboration hub that fuels the success of OneOHR through seamless coordination, analysis, and support. IMOD:
      • Provides project support, coordination, staffing, and management analysis for OHR Director/Deputy, as well as OHR initiatives, projects, and committees,
      • Ensures an OHR communications brand and strategy and facilitates communication between OHR and key stakeholders within the NIH and HHS communities,
      • Coordinates internal and external efforts to ensure alignment with organizational priorities and strategies, and
      • Assists OHR Senior Leadership to develop and execute coordinated strategic planning efforts.
  2. Office of Internal Management and Planning (OIMP)
    • Director: Sharon Ballard
      • Branch Chief, Administrative Services Branch (ASB): Lisa Schneider
        • Handles administrative operations including acquisition/procurement, travel logistics, conference coordination, time and attendance processes, space/facilities planning, equipment/device distribution, and other services to ensure that OHR staff have what they need for their jobs and programs.
      • Branch Chief, Evaluation and Assessment Branch (EAB): Sarah Crowell
        • EAB provides OHR with analysis, consultation, and staff support to drive organizational excellence, accountability, and improvement. Converts research into strategic OHR opportunities, and collaborates across OHR towards successful program outcomes.
      • Branch Chief, Engagement and Development Branch (EDB): Janice Gonzalez
        • Serves as a strategic partner to OHR leadership and staff at all levels through structured and supported onboarding efforts, opportunities for professional enrichment and career development, and formal recognition programs; and as a combination of these efforts, promotes a positive employee and organizational experience leading to high-performance and long-term staff retention.
      • Branch Chief, Resource Management Branch (RMB): Jeff Grempler
        • Responsible for the management of budget, including formulation and execution, management analysis, FTE management, OHR performance ratings and awards process, OHR space, and census management.​
    • The Office of Internal Management and Planning provides support and assistance to OHR leadership and Divisions with the execution and coordination of activities needed for OHR programs and supporting activities to achieve long-term goals and objectives of the OHR and NIH mission.
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