Impact of The 2019 Pay Adjustments on Thrift Savings Plan Contributions

Employees who have a percentage-based contribution for their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) noticed an automatic increase in their TSP deductions for the pay period ending April 13, 2019. Agency contributions and matching contributions were applied; however, employees are not entitled to the gain realized or loss incurred for these contributions.  Employees with a standard deduction amount per pay period are not impacted.

The Office of Human Resources encourages employees with a percentage-based contribution to review their Leave and Earnings Statement to assess if they will maximize their contributions before the end of the year and potentially miss out on agency matching contributions. The calculator on the TSP website can assist you in estimating your bi-weekly contribution amount, and you can submit a new contribution amount through myPay, if needed. As a reminder and to locate 2019 TSP contribution limits, visit the TSP website.