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The Long Term Care Partners are offering the following free benefits and advanced-planning webinars: 

  • Maximizing Your Federal Benefits: Calculating TSP Elections for FERS Employees - April 2
  • Maximizing Your Federal Benefits: Calculating TSP Elections for CSRS Employees - April 4
  • Merging Federal Retirement with Military Service - April 18
  • Retirement Decisions You Can’t Afford to Ignore - April 23
  • Aging in Place: Adapting Your Home - May 2
  • Pop Quiz! Are You Ready for Retirement? - May 9
  • Resistance to Assistance - May 14
  • Navigating the Long Term Care Maze - May 21
  • Aging in Place: Improving Mobility and Protecting Independence - May 23
  • The FLTCIP (Part 1 of 2): Why Should I Plan for My Own Long Term Care? - June 4
  • The FLTCIP (Part 2 of 2): Protecting Your Retirement with a Plan for Long Term Care - June 5
  • Relationships and Retirement: What Is the Connection? - June 5
  • Aging in Place: Cognitive Rehabilitation and Strategies to Manage Cognitive Changes - June 11

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