Designating a Minor as The Beneficiary For Life Insurance

You may name a minor as your beneficiary; however, the Office of Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI) will not make a payment to the child while he/she is a minor.  When the beneficiary is a minor, OFEGLI adheres to certain guidelines.  If you wish to designate or change your beneficiary, you may do so at any time by completing a Designation of Beneficiary Form, SF 2823.  After obtaining the signatures of two witnesses, submit your form to the Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch in Bldg 31/Rm B3C23 (MSC 2215).  For employees located at NIEHS, submit your form to Brenda Morissette, Keystone/Rm 1105 (MSC K1-01).  If you do not file a designation form, OFEGLI will make payment based on the order of precedence as set by law.  For further information, please get in touch with your Benefits Contact.