Maxiflex requires that I work or take leave for at least 2 hours if I am recording any hours on that day. What happens if I get to the end of the pay period and have between 78 and 80 total hours?

You have several options.

  • If there are several days left in the pay period, you can work additional hours. You will need to record any time beyond 80 hours as credit hours, if you are eligible.
  • You can extend your work day if you have not reached your IC/O’s total hours cap and are within flexible hours.
  • You can also take leave to reach 80 hours. If you attempt to record less than 2 hours of leave on a day that doesn’t have additional regular hours, ITAS will present an error message.

Note: If you have core hours on remaining days in the pay period, you must work or be on leave during that time.