In Onboarding Manager, after I click “Review & Submit”, a new window opens with a PDF copy of the form, however, there is no sign or submit buttons displayed. How should I submit my forms?

In order for the sign and submit buttons to display at the bottom of the form, you must ensure that your web browser and Adobe settings are set to display the PDF copy of the form in the same window.  You can check your settings by following the steps below:

Internet Explorer

  • Open a browser window and click on Tools
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click Advance
  • Click Browsing
  • Verify that “Reuse Windows” is unchecked


  • Open an Adobe window and click on Edit
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Internet
  • Verify that “Display PDF in Browser” is checked

If you still encounter issues after verifying that your browser and Adobe settings are set properly, contact your HR Contact for assistance.